Terms and Conditions for Resal Digital Gift Cards

Resal digital gift service allows you to give a digital gift card that is sent by email or SMS to anyone you want.

The amount of time taken to send a digital gift

Digital gifts are sent immediately and within 15 minutes from the scheduled time for sending if the total value of the order is less than two 2000 SAR, and if it is more than that, it may take 1-5 hours for the codes to arrive after purchase confirmation and validating your possession for the payment method used.

Using a payment method in someone else's name

If it is confirmed that you are using a credit card or a payment method that you do not own, Resal has the right to cancel the order without any obligations.

Editing order

The digital gift order information cannot be modified. This includes the recipient's name, mobile number, gift message text, email, or any other information in the order.

Canceling order

Digital gift orders cannot be canceled even if they are scheduled to be sent at a future date.

Refund or changing order

Because of the sensitive nature of the product, it is not possible to return or replace any of the gift card products after purchasing it in any case, unless it is proven that there is a problem with the product, within a period between 2-5 working days, and the compensation will be made with another similar code with the same value if the problem is proven.

Card problem

If there is any problem with the gift card or the code sent, the customer must make sure to follow the steps mentioned on how to use the card, or refer to the blogs or FAQ in Resal blog from the bottom of the site. If the problem persists, the customer service team is contacted bout through the website’s chat, and the support will be contacted regarding the problem, and the response will be made within 5-7 working days in all problems related to gift cards.

Note: If the code sent was found to be already used after the date and time of purchase from Resal, Resal will not take any responsibility for compensation towards the customer.

Gift Card Expiration Date

The value of digital cards cannot be refunded if they are not used before the expiry date indicated with the card.

Service fee

It is a fee that is collected for additional services provided by Resal, such as personalizing a gift message, scheduling dispatches, etc., and it is not refundable.

The Use of any Gift Card in the violation of these Terms and Conditions

By using the gift cards, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, and not to use the gift cards in any way that is misleading, deceptive, unfair, or harmful. We reserve the right, without notifying you, to cancel gift cards without refund, suspend or terminate customer accounts, suspend, terminate the ability to use our services, cancel, or limit orders if we suspect that a gift card has been obtained, used, or applied to a Resal account illegally, or otherwise used in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

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