About Resal

Resal platform is the largest digital platform in the region; It works to provide the best and easiest shopping experience through digital cards, and also provides its customers with unique and innovative ideas in purchasing and gifting, and allows them the best ways to save by redeeming and acquiring loyalty program points within the platform.

Why buy from Resal?

In a nutshell, Resal got you covered when it comes to digital cards. With more than 600 local and international brands are available on the Resal platform, suitable for different needs and all ages.


  • Multiple and secure payment methods (Apple Pay - Mada - Visa - stc pay - Resal balance)
  • Incredible and renewed offers and discounts.
  • Diversity of brands with more than 600 brands.
  • Save big with Resal by redeeming loyalty program points and transferring them to balance within the platform.

About digital cards

Prepaid digital cards are stored-value cards that are the perfect and safe alternative to cash. Previously it took the form of a physical card; now it has become a digital card linked in one way or another to your bank account.

How are digital cards used?

Prepaid digital cards help you control your payments because there is a limited purchase value, and prepaid digital cards are safer than cash. Cash can get lost, and if it did, it would be lost forever, unlike the digital cards for which you can issue another card.