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Frequent Questions

Resal is a platform that enables you to purchase a digital card instantly delivered to you via e-mail or text messages.

Receiving card code after purchase

Digital cards are sent instantly within a maximum of 15 minutes.

Using a payment method in the name of another person

If it is confirmed that you used a credit card or payment method you do not own to purchase the digital card, Resal has the right to cancel the order without any obligations.

Change the order or card request

The digital card details cannot be modified, including the digital card itself, the receiver's name, mobile number, the text of the gift message, e-mail, or any other information in the application.

Canceling Order

Digital card orders cannot be canceled.

Return or exchange of the order

Due to the sensitive nature of the product, it is not possible to return or replace any digital card product after purchasing it unless it is confirmed that there is a problem with the card, within a period ranging between 2-5 working days. After that, a settlement will be made with another code equal to the required value.

Card problem

If there is any issue with the gift card or the code sent, the customer must make sure to follow the steps mentioned on how to use the card, or refer to the blogs or FAQ in Resal blog at the bottom of the site. If the issue persists, the customer service team can be counted through the website‘s chat. The issue resolution time is within 5-7 working days

Note: In the event that it appears that the code sent has already been used after the date and time of purchase from Resal, Resal does not bear any compensation liability towards the customer.

Digital card expiration

Digital cards cannot be refunded if they are not used before the expiration date shown on the card. The customer will be responsible for checking the expiration date.

Service fee

It is a fee collected in exchange for additional services provided by resal, such as customizing a gift message, scheduling dispatches, etc., and it is non-refundable.

Use of the digital card in violation of these terms and conditions

By using our provided collection of digital cards; You agree to accept these Terms and Conditions and not to use them in any way that is misleading, deceptive, unfair, or harmful. Resal reserves the right, without notice to you, to cancel the Digital Card without refunding the value of the Card, suspend or block customer accounts, and limit orders in the event that we suspect that the Digital Card has been used on Resal Account in a fraudulent, illegal or inappropriate manner. Others who violate these terms and conditions.

Referral Code Program in resalApp

Sender: resalApp user shares their referral code with a friend.
Friend: Receiver uses the sender's referral code to get a discount on their purchase.
Referral Code: A code available to every Resal customer that can be shared with others (friends) for discount benefits.
Reward Code: A discount code obtained by the customer after their friend uses the referral code.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The referral code is available to the sender and friend in the resalApp only (the code can be applied at the platform or within the app during the purchase).
  • Each sender can share the code with 5 of their friends, provided that those friends have not used any referral code sent to them during the referral campaign period (one month).
  • Both the sender and friend have different discount codes and usage conditions, which are specified on the referral code page in the Resal App.
  • Each friend can use the referral code only once, provided they haven't used the code during the referral campaign period (one month).
  • New customers must complete at least one purchase to be able to view the referral code and start sharing it with friends.
  • The only way to apply the referral code or reward code is by adding the code on the payment page.
  • Each sender receives 5 reward codes from the referral code only, and once the maximum number of uses is reached, the code becomes unusable by friends during their purchases. The sender must wait for the new referral campaign to be able to share their referral code again.
  • The reward code is visible to the sender on the Rewards page (Available Codes section) after the friend completes their purchase using the sender's referral code.
  • Each reward has a specific expiration date, and once expired, the customer cannot use it, and it will be removed from the Rewards page.
  • The sender can share the code from the Resal App using WhatsApp, Twitter, text messages, etc.