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Al Dawaa Gift Card

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email, SMS
Redeemable :Online, In store

Card Details

We offer you the perfect way to shop for your pharmacy needs through digital gift cards. Enjoy shopping for health, mother and baby, beauty, personal care, and much more. Delight your loved ones by gifting them credit to their wallets at our pharmacies with just a simple click. Discover the joy of easy and smart shopping, and benefit from customization service to meet all occasions. Gift cards can be redeemed at all our branches and online via the website or app.

Terms & Condition

The following conditions and terms are applied to the gift cards that had been bought or got from Al Dawaa Pharmacies. - The gift card of Al Dawaa Pharmacies should be printed digitally (non printed). - The printed or digital gift cards have no date of expiry. - The customers can verify the remained balance of gift card through our website and application or through the pharmacist, however the balance of the printed or digital gift card, is indicated at the customer bill in case payment the value of procurements. - Maximum limit to recharge gif card is SAR 5000 and low limit is SAR 50 - The printed gift card is rechargeable by unlimited numbers, different from digital gift card, it cannot be recharged after expiration the card balance. - Customers can use a part or a total balance at gif card and the remained balance can be used at future procurement. - The gift card can be used and purchased through the branches of Al Dawaa pharmacies or Al Dawaa online. - The card cannot be returned or exchanged for a cash amount. - If the customer wishes to return the sold products and paid for through the gift card, the paid amount will be returned to a new gift card. - Payment system for the purchase of the gift card of Al Dawaa pharmacies: - We accept credit cards, Mada cards, American Express cards or cash. - It doesn't cover the customers of medical insurance or payment by earnings points, or Qitaf points, or digital wallet, or through another gift card or discount coupons of all types. - The balance of the gift card can be transferred to the digital wallet. - The gift card can be used during the period of offers and discounts. - Payment can be made through the gift card on any of Al Dawaa pharmacies products. - When purchasing using the gift card from Al Dawaa pharmacies, the earning points are calculated automatically calculated according to the approved mechanism for calculating the points in my earnings program. - The printed and digital gift card includes a barcode. - Regarding the digital gift card, it is received by the gifted customer through a text message or email and accordingly, he has 3 ways to use the gift card. First: Payment through code of gift card at completion order. Second: adding gift card at (gift card) tabulation. Third: The balance of the gift card is charged to the (wallet) account as a balance that can be used when making electronic payments. - For avoidance of doubt, Al Dawaa pharmacies has no responsibility if a lost or stolen gift card, is used without your permission, so kindly ensure that you take appropriate means to secure the gift card number and PIN from unauthorized access and usage, as well as Al Dawaa pharmacies are not responsible for the card damage. - Al Dawaa pharmacies have the right to amend the terms and conditions of the card at any time, including canceling the card if the cancellation is deemed necessary. - A gift card is not considered a credit card. - Al Dawaa pharmacies are not responsible for verification the ownership of the card before accepting payment.