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Lateen Water

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Lateen water is one of the water factories owned by the First Development Company for Industrialization The lateen Water Factory is characterized by the sources of pure natural products, which are sourced from groundwater wells from the ground in the center of Wadi Hali, one of the most famous valleys in the Kingdom. Delivery only to Jeddah city Website:

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1) Log in or create an account on the Lateen Water website: 2) Select the products and go to the shopping cart 3) Click on the "Use coupon" field. 4) Enter the code, then press "OK". 5) Delivery only to Jeddah Terms of use: - Code type: a discount of a specific value, used once More than one code cannot be used The code includes: all products - This card is available for use in the store for the selected country only and cannot be used in other stores. - This card is non-refundable after its purchase or after its expiry. - Resal assumes no responsibility if the voucher is lost, stolen or used without permission. - The code is activated directly upon purchase. - Codes must be written in the coupon box on the checkout page. - Coupons can be used partially (in several orders) or all at once (in one order when the entire amount is used up). - If the customer used only a part of the voucher, he can use the rest of the amount in his next order or give the voucher to other people to benefit from the remaining amount. -If the customer uses the coupon in several orders, he has to write the code in the coupon box each time.