SAWA Recharge card

SAWA Recharge card


General Details

Delivered Through :

email, SMS
Redeemable :online

Terms & Condition

How to Use: 1) Enter before the card number * 155 * 2) Enter the card number 3) Click on #, then Call Terms of Use: 1) Code type: recharge card 2) The code includes: all products. 3) This card is available for the selected country store and cannot be used in other stores. 4) This card is non-refundable after purchase or expiration. 5) Resal does not bear any responsibility when the voucher is lost, stolen or used without permission. 6) The code is activated directly upon purchase.

Card Details

Gift your loved ones an STC recharge card with all of its different categories. Card Information: - It can be sent via: email or SMS - Usable for: prepaid SIM card - The value added tax is applied by deducting it from the initial balance by the telecom company