Shwra Legal Services

Shwra Legal Services

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The Shwra application provides remote legal consultations and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by connecting clients seeking legal consultations and services with a select group of specialized and licensed lawyers from the Saudi Ministry of Justice. We guarantee quality and commitment in an interactive and professional manner, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of client data, with multiple payment methods.

Terms & Condition

where to use: Shura application for legal services How to use : 1- Download the Shura application for legal services. 2- Log in or create an account in the application. 3- Click on (Legal Consultations). 4-Choose the lawyer’s specialty. 5-Choose the consultation topic. 6-Choose the type of package that is appropriate for you. 7-Choose the appropriate date to provide consultation. 8-Attach the files and details supporting the service. 9-Add the coupon and complete the payment process. terms of use : 1- Use the code once. 2- The code includes: all legal consultations. 3- A letter guaranteeing the validity of this card for at least one month from the date of purchase. 4- This card is not refundable after purchasing it or after its expiration. 5- The code is activated directly upon purchase.