About the Card

Music represents human longing and it is the language of all human. You can use Spotify card to recharge your Spotify balance and enjoy unlimited music.Card Information:- It can be sent via: email or SMS- Usable for: Spotify- Where to Use: Spotify website: SpotifyHow to Use:1) Log in to Spotify2) Log in create a new account on Spotify3) Click on the username at the top of the page or the word Profile, then go to Account4) From the side bar, tap on Redeem5) Enter the code and then click on Enter CodeTerms of Use:- Code type: a product or service that is replaced according to the code.- The code includes: all products.- Resal guarantees that this card is valid for at least one month from the date of purchase.- This card is available for the selected country store and cannot be used in other stores.- This card is non-refundable after purchase or expiration.- Resal does not bear any responsibility when the voucher is lost, stolen or used without permission.- The code is activated directly upon purchase. To find out more details about the card the card and how to use it, Click Here